Mandala Creator

Pain arises in the soul,
Permeates the body.
To discover it's true source
Take a stock of your deeds sincerely
And repent your sins.
Why it has come to you - ask the pain.
If your heart is aching, think
Of those, who're close to you, just with the thought
Help someone, who is in trouble.
Pray for them, through your pain
And compassion support the beloved soul.
Maybe, you played with love,
And cheated someone else's heart
Or abused with slander?
We should thank the pain,
Through suffering and torture
It leads us to ourselves
And turns to God.
Through overcoming we approach
The unique perfection,
To which we were destined
By the will of the Almighty Creator.
But don't transform your life
Into constant pain recklessly,
Pain is only a reminder of your mistakes,
And helps in the soul growing.
Listen to my words about pain and don't lose
The lesson of a short life
On how to make friends between the mind and the soul.

The soul grows in suffering for others,
This is why love is given to you!
Care, tenderness, sincere words -
All returns in total.
And confiding the best to each other
You'll discover the secrets of your soul:
The torture of hell and the bliss of heaven,
The craziness of dreams and the facets of beauty.
To recognize yourself in the others is happiness!
Without fear, lying, calculating and insult
To become a part of Living Wholeness,
And to feel the commonness of the monolith.

She is a magnificent crown of nature,
Exulting hymn of a divine beauty,
The spring celebration of life and freedom,
Awakening immortal dreams again.

Premonition of happiness, vow of joy,
After the winter cold she brings
The living miracle of a feeling - first blossom,
Which is kept under the snow crust of a soul.

When as a token of a worshiping the loved one,
The knight presents the tender flowers to her,
He is fulfilling the unseen
Order, given from the heaven height.

There on high they celebrate the marriage first.
And one, who praises tender figure,
The lightest gait, mischievous glance - could recognize
The trap, which is set for him.

The Empress and the servant nature,
Oh, woman, fiancÚ and wife,
You are destined to continue the life,
And be true to this destination.

Omniscient God, who created all the planets,
Showed the immortal female.
This is the Earth, the child of love and light,
Worthy pedestal of beauty.

The sees, the mountains, the rivers, the valleys,
Countless beings,
Giving birth to all,
Beloved fiancÚ and wife.

There isn't loneliness of yearning in the goddess,
Through love they create the same ones, like them,
Helping their health and growing,
The cherish souls of sages in the bodies.

All woman, mother of all beings,
The Pearl of Galaxy, the Earth,
Be patient, don't be harsh
To your growing sons and daughters.

The restless knight will spiritually grow
And bring the beloved to the shrine,
God's blessing descends
On this worthy union of heart and mind.

Having run away from the noisy crowd
To rescue your own soul,
Suddenly you grow deaf of a silence,
And lose the speech in muttering,
And turn around by chance,
Having kept alive the pain,
To meet the kind glance,
To hear the voice: "What happened to you?"

If the meeting is destined -
You have found a true friend.
Let the solid walls collapse,
Which you built in your soul.
Answer with kindness to sincerity,
Light up the fire in one's soul
To negate evil, envy or curse
Not be able to ever separate you.
Remember, that the hour will come
When, far away apart from your friend,
You'll hear the voice of one's soul
And feel someone else's tear, -
Forget yourself,
Hurry up to help,
Not being scared that loving
You'll lose a part of your soul.
The more you are giving in the friendship -
The more you rescue yourself.

Solitude is a space, and
You abide thoroughly in it.
Time is condensed in one point,
"What happened, what is happening now, what will happen" -

Is pulsing in the heart.
The thought arises three dimensionally
And moves motionlessly,
Searching for enlightenment in the silence.
Peace tames passions,
Which troubled the soul before,
And in it's pure depths
The Face of God reflects.

The destiny of the sages and the monks,
The cell of spiritual doing,
Travelling into eternity,
The achievement of the impossible.
But if repentance haunts you
And the hour of payment is approaching,
You can't arrive at peace,
Solitude oppresses...

Let your heart tell you
The only decision.
In the minutes of anxiety
Remember, that another
Dimension of your life exists.

Ignorance gives birth to fear!
Not knowing, is fear :
Is the attachment trustworthy ?
Wouldn't an unexpected success
Turn out to be a trouble?
May we forget the sin,
Which can not be purified with the prayer?
We take birth for an accident
Not knowing - what for...
For years we hide ourselves from the problems
In the labyrinths of darkness.
We are scared to turn the gaze inside
And to discover the light within.
The only and true path
To escape all the possible troubles -
Is to recognize yourself.
But it is a hardship, which doesn't allow
Neither easy minutes,
Nor a careless life.
On the contrary: to open
All the hiding secrets in your soul,
You have to teach the flesh
To reduce its desires,
And your past lives one by one,
Like a vivid movie,
Will show you - once and forever -
What was destined
To change, to purify with the prayer,
To suffer according to your sins of the past,
In order to develop the harmony
Of the elements in your soul.
Saturn, Venus, Pluto -
All of them can teach:
The universal moral law,
The sounds of a symphony.
Hurry up to discover
The laws of the universe in yourself.
Then, believe me, you'll be free
Of all fears, forever.

When you get tired of war,
And want silence again,
You dream to rest in the garden
And inhale the aroma of the flowers...
Suddenly I remember
How in midday, without friends and servants,
I stayed still in the jasmine bushes
Waiting for the gazelle to appear.
She is timid and tender
Full of natural charm,
And attracts with its women's
Pride in the eyes.
It happened so at the ball
I was catching a glance
Of a eminent woman
And secretly like a midnight thief,
Hiding behind the curtain I watched her.
She is invited for a dance by a chavalier
(His courage is a good example for me)
She is refined and sweet,
She accepts the offer of his arm,
Curving her figure,
The light turning,
Precisely moving,
Full of natural gracefulness
Having slightly pushed herself,
She flies into the embrace of wind...
But, the music stopped!
She laughing takes the glass of wine
And suddenly fear flashes in her eyes,
Her husband approaches!
Giving the moderate bow
He presents the jasmine bouquet to her.

The fast gazelle had run away
But, in my memory still
Her glance remains like
The intoxication of champagne.
Now I'm an old man
But, still the heat of youth
Is the same in my heart.
And now in only my dreams
I hold gazelle in my arms.

The Land of Miracles
Could it be the land anywhere
Where people share only love with each other?
But, even there are tears sometimes, because of loneliness.

When in a deep night you see
Your star twinkling in the sky,
It fascinates and lures you
As though it's coming closer to you
With a soft gait.

Having taken divine facet,
It even seems to breathe
And talk to you
About blue spacious horizons
The eternity of cosmic love...

Its breath intoxicates and makes you drunk
Like the smell of tart burgundy wine.
But, if you stretch the hand towards it,
It disappears.

Kifari sound transforming into the voices
Of a cosmic latitude.

Freedom is destiny of the chosen,
Those who noticed in nature,
Simultaneous diversity of deeds:
The ants run and flowers grow,
Bees fly and the sounds of Spring,
With the fresh breath of the wind.

Look at these in reverence
And stop in rapture
Facing the natural order
Which has opened itself to you.

Flow of thoughts and dreams
Confide to the phenomenon of beauty
And you will feel in your heart beating
All these are you!

The richness of the colors will revive
And the chorus of the birds start singing
In your heart,
And the sweetest honey will drop on your tongue...

Forget routine and sadness,
Let yourself miss the days of the past,
And open the new space
Called freedom and life.

For the sake of the glory of the ultimate Father,
The creator of the galaxy and the world
Be honored with the title of a saint.

Learn to love Him in yourself
To perform kindness like miracles.
And teach everybody the authentic freedom.

If it is predestined by fate,
You can't escape the meeting
What's the meaning all around?

What's fated has to happen,,,
Suddenly blown away by fear
And tangled like in the net
Get your integrity intact
And look directly into the eyes of truth.
Then you'll receive
Life's lessons in time.

If you make decisions yourself
And go ahead of fate's blow--
You'll get the confidence
To overcome fear and lies
Then you'll be able to handle your own self
And rule your fate as well.

Who are the dolphins?
The dolphins are asking as well:
What is a man?
He looks like an animal,
And is able to stay without the sea and the river,
And like a dolphin contemplate,
That a man forgets the commonness of mind.

When a man came out of the sea's depths,
Long ago... Everybody stayed together as a family,
And appreciated love and kindness,
But now man imagines himself
The only intelligence.

Once upon a time
Gods descended here from heaven.
All of them had two legs...
But were demons as well!
The dolphins wandering forever
Of the sea's unknown depths,
Are unreasonably kind, poor things.

But the law is the same for everyone,
Whether you live on the land or in the sea,
Or, soar high in the sky,
Or, dig the earth - freedom!

It is given to everyone as God's law.
But, if a man acts like a barbarian
Consider slavery the main custom,
They can not live as equals
Among the animals, dolphins and birds.

Weariness is a hindrance to void,
This is a different quality of a soul.
You, an experienced creature,
Please, don't rush into making the decisions,
Relax, take your time,
All the dimensions are fine,
When you are on the path
Together with the reliable friends.